It is not just a technique, it is more like art through which the musical idea of an artist can be shaped into something special. This is known as mixing. The multiple layers of tracks/audio are combined and build a single track of multiple layers then this process is called Mixing. 

If are you Looking for one of the best and top-quality mixing and mastering services? Then you came on the right platform. We also offers various different plans for you. Our Plans!


One of the best and leading Music Production Studio located in Chandigarh. Also, offer’s services mixing and mastering, beats and loops. This process changes a lot in recent years. In this digital world, we use DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for music production for Recording, Editing, and Producing audio files. Our approach is simple and collaborative in music. Let’s collaborate on your next project and create an impactful music for your upcoming hit record.


Video Production is the process of creating videos by capturing the moving things ( images, objects) in the short clips and combining the that shooted clips to create one single video either it is short video, full-length movie. And by adding various motions, effects and animations. 

It is consisting in 3 Stages: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production. Want to Know More.


It is the transcription of invisible vibrations in the air into a storage medium such as phonograph discs. If it’s not recorded well, no one can fix it in the post. Equipment’s do we use in Sound recording studio to record Sounds? Sound Recording Studio is the term where the specialized facility for sound recordingmixing, and audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, and other sounds.

Music Production Studio

One of the best and leading Music Production Studio located in the Northen part of India in Chandigarh Since  2020, Loopsmuzic industry offer’s various services in music: Mixing and Mastering, Beats and Loops, Music Production, Video Production, Sound Recording. If you have a plan to record your own song then you’re on the right path.

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Not only is this an incredibly professional and flexible set of Studios, but they hold a truly unique atmosphere that encourages creativity. Something that’s rare and gives a very special energy to the way you work within the surroundings. Good vibes, equal easy flows and that’s the best way to boost progression.

Deepak Chouhan

It is a world-class recording studio with a fantastic microphone collection. I will absolutely come back to do some recording. The main room sounds wonderful.

Nikhil Mankotia

If you are on a hunt of best recording studio in Chandigarh, then Loopsmuzic is where you need to go. the studio runs by industry professionals and the staff is courteous. I received prompt services and the ambience here is quite exceptional.

Shantnu Sharma