Music Production


Do you Know about the term Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)? And looking for best digital audio workstation. Then you may connect with us via Contacting us. DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. In this digital world, we use DAW for music production for Recording, Editing, and Producing audio files. Or we can say that DAW is a software program used for composing, producing, recording, mixing, mastering and so on.

Music Production is a Umbrella term consisting of Songwriting, Recording, Composing & mixing, mastering. It covers each and every phase of creating songwriting to the final stage. or Music production is the process by which music is created, captured, manipulated, and preserved so that it can be distributed and enjoyed. Loopsmuzic is the one of the best Music Production Studio located in the heart of Punjab.

Music Production studio

Steps to be followed for Music Production:



RobbyY Singh

music producer/ mixing & mastering engineer

Hi, I’m Robby Singh, an audio Engineer and music producer at Sirra Entertainment Inc. in Chandigarh. I have 4+ years experience in the music Industry and creating great sounds.


Pavvy Virk

Singer, Music Producer and Video director

Hi, my name is Pavvy Virk and I’m from Mohali. I’ve performed over 40 songs and have 30 plus videos. I also work as a music producer with Sirra Entertainment Inc. in Chandigarh.


music producer/ mixing & mastering engineer

Hi, I’m Shubham Heer, a music producer and mixing and mastering engineer at Sirra Entertainment Inc. in Chandigarh. I write and compose my own songs, and also play piano and guitar.


music producer/ mixing & mastering engineer

Hi ! I am Nelash Rikhi from Chandigarh. In 2015, I started my career as a Music producer and producing Beats and got expertise in Trap, lofi, drill & old school and also blend the authentic culture into western beats.

Along with the general provisions, the studio offers the following key features:-

  • A team of music producers who specialize in different genres to suit your musical taste.
  • Best in class session musicians that compose and play custom parts.
  • Recording live performances help us achieve unique sounds and playing feel.
  • Best in class gear from brands like Pearl, LP. Marshall, Fender, Paul Reed Smith, Ampeg, Marcus Miller, Ibanez, Yamaha, etc.
  • A variety of virtual instruments from Native Instruments, Waves, Spitfire, CineSamples, Arturia, Positive Grid, Line6, etc extend the possibilities even further.
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