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Loopsmuzic is a unit of Sirra entertainment Inc. leading Music Production Studio based in Chandigarh (India) which was established in the year 2020. In which we offer various services: Mixing and Mastering Services, Beats and Loops, Music Production, Video Production, and Sound Recording. We also make content related to all music Genres, Events, and Promotions. We have our own Music Production Studio in Chandigarh.

Our own Youtube Channel named “Sirra Entertainment Inc.” with 1,50,000 subscribers and We have kept our footsteps on the path of searching and Making the Local Talented Musicians and Artists bring the best of themselves in front of the world.

Mixing and Mastering:

It is an art where an artist or composer combines single or multiple recorded tracks to build up the best fine sound or audio and mixing engineer polish that blending audio or songs and Mixing Engineer is responsible for this.

When it comes to creating professional-sounding audio, the mixing and mastering process is essential. These two steps can take your audio from sounding amateurish to polished and professional. Mixing is the process of combining multiple audio tracks into one final track. This is where you adjust the levels of each individual track so that they all sound good together. You also add effects to the tracks at this stage, such as EQ, reverb, and compression. Mastering is the final step in the audio production process. This is where you refine the sound of the mixed track and prepare it for release. During mastering, you adjust the overall level of the track, optimize the sound for different playback systems, and add any final touches, such as fades and limiting. If you’re serious about creating high-quality audio, then you need to learn

Beats and Loops:

The fundamental unit of time in music is the beat. It’s a technique used by musicians to keep time with one another and is frequently correlated with the pulse that listeners typically experience in music.
In the most general sense, a song loop is a section of music that repeats infinitely. And Most of the song’s loops focus on beats and chord progressions, but melodic voices sometimes dominate.

Beats and loops are the foundation of most modern music. They provide the rhythmic backdrop against which all other musical elements are layered. Without a strong beat, a song can lose its energy and become indistinguishable from other songs in the same genre. There are many different ways to create beats and loops. The most popular method is to use a drum machine, which allows you to create a wide variety of drum sounds and rhythms. You can also create beats and loops using samples of other songs, or by recorded sounds from nature or everyday objects. 

Music Production Studio:

It is the process of developing, creating, and improving recorded music for publication. Music production refers to his entire life cycle of music, from songwriting to recording, sound design, mixing, and mastering.

Video Production:

Video is one of the most successful forms of media used today to engage, inspire, and educate an audience. Combining visual and audio elements, video production can fully engage a specific audience and take them on a journey through creative and technical manipulation. This medium is so versatile that many argue that video production is a fundamental tool to bring all kinds of storytelling to life.

Sound Recording:

Sound recording and reproduction is the electronic, mechanical or digital recording and reproduction of sound waves, such as spoken words, songs, instrumental music, or sound effects. The two main categories of recording technology are analog recording and digital recording.


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